The Plan

Our mission:  To rescue and provide sanctuary for farmed animals, while modeling a compassionate way of life for all.

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This page will be updated at the beginning of every quarter to keep you informed of where we currently stand, and what our next steps are.  Cupid’s Landing is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Tacoma, WA.  We are working towards purchasing land to build a farm animal sanctuary and cooperative community in Western Washington.  The land purchased will provide space for rescuing and housing farm animals who need acreage to roam on, as well as space for community happenings like a produce farm, farm store, cafe, B&B, classes, etc.  Our vision is to keep the animal and community areas separated to maintain the integrity of the sanctuary for the animals, so that they are not disturbed by the other functions on the property.  This may entail two separate properties in the long run.

As of July 1st, 2017:

In the second quarter of 2017, we raised $5,148, putting us at a total of $13,571.  So far this year, we have raised $6,415, which means we are $1,415 ahead of plan for our year-end goal of $10,000 raised!  In April we held our largest fundraiser to date – Cupid’s Vegan Prom.  In June we put on a free presentation on the health benefits of a plant based diet – thanks to researcher, author, and educator Paula Furner, as well as Marlene’s Market and Deli for hosting.  Also in June, we organized a film screening of the new documentary, What The Health – thanks to, The Grand Cinema, and Happy Belly restaurant and juice bar for hosting a private pre-movie dinner. We solidified our board of directors, and welcomed Anthony Creighton of Organically Grown Muscle to the board.  Mae picked up an additional job to help further fund the project.

We are currently working on:

  • Organizing our second annual garage sale and free vegan BBQ (July 15th and 16th)
  • Networking with existing sanctuaries for educational and mutual support purposes
  • Continuing our year-long series of free presentations on the benefits of a plant based diet
  • Expanding our support base beyond Pierce County, WA, and partnering with local business owners
  • Further educating ourselves with classes on fundraising and nonprofit management at the University of Washington.  Mae is interning at One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary for a hands on educational experience.
  • Planning our second annual vegan wine and cheese tasting fundraiser

And lastly – we are very excited to launch a brand new plan and set of goals to bring Cupid’s Landing to life!  We have set into place a 3-5 year plan to purchase land and begin building the sanctuary/cooperative community.  Year one began on January 1st, 2017, which means we will begin the process of looking for land in January of 2020.  We are no longer planning to use the funds that we raise to purchase land.  Instead, our founder and Executive Director, Mae Tipple is going to purchase the land.  The money that is raised for Cupid’s Landing will now go towards start up costs, including building structures, animal care, and other expenses.  Our fundraising goal for total assets in 3-5 years is $80,000, broken down into $25,000 building costs, and $55,000 start up animal care and other expenses.  These figures come from a rough estimate derived from researching and speaking with other sanctuaries. It is very hard to predict exactly what we will need for many reasons, including what properties are available (acreage and usability), what sort of structures (if any) already exist on the property, and what types of rescue situations present themselves in the beginning.   This goal is changeable as we learn more and come across new opportunities.  The purpose of the goal breakdown is to: A. help keep us in check and be aware of how we are doing, and B. give you a tangible understanding of where the money is going and how close we are to our goal.  We are $2,429 away from meeting our first year’s needs to reach this new goal, and we believe that we can raise that much in the third quarter of 2017.  We are $11,429 away from hitting our $25,000 structure building goal – we’re more than halfway there already!

It is worth mentioning that we are open to the idea of joining an existing sanctuary to strengthen their efforts and build the community aspects, rather than start a new facility/organization from scratch.

Once again, we are beyond thrilled and grateful to have you in our community.  Whether you are here in Tacoma, WA, on the east coast, somewhere in between, or on another continent altogether, we consider you to be a part of this amazing community that is coming together to make something great happen for the world.  For the animals, for the people, and for the planet, we thank you again for your support.  Here’s to a fabulous third quarter of 2017!