Professional Vegan Cooking Classes

Alright guys, can you handle more exciting news?  Have we filled you to the brim yet?

We’re excited to announce a collaboration with local vegan Chef Ben Nichols!  Ben is the mastermind in the kitchen at Viva Tacoma, an increasingly popular 100% vegan, gluten free, and organic restaurant in Tacoma, WA.  Ben is now offering private classes to bring this fine skill to your kitchen, and he will be generously supporting Cupid’s Landing along the way!  We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to work with someone in our community that has a great skill to offer to you, and one that is inline with our mission.  Cupid’s Landing will thrive on mutually beneficial relationships like these, as we strive to support, engage, and empower our community.  Thank you for this great opportunity, Ben!

Chef Ben Nichols with one of his decadent creations

Class info: Chef Ben Nichols offers classes on all aspects of vegan cooking that include cheese making, seitan, weekly meal prep, advice for transitioning vegans, gluten free, veganizing your favorite meal, and more. Lessons for a single person, family or group are available at affordable rates. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Cupids Landing!  If you’re interested in booking a class, please email Ben with at least two weeks notice at

It doesn’t end there! At the end of this year, Ben will be releasing his first cookbook, “Vegan Fine Dining At Home.”  Keep your eyes and ears open for details about an exciting release party this fall!

From the author, Ben Nichols: “Vegan Fine Dining At Home” is an effort to bring vegan cooking to the forefront of culinary arts. My goal is to demystify vegan fine dining and to provide you with the tools to cook like a vegan Chef at home. Recipes will be easy to follow, all ingredients can be sourced at your local grocery stores, and are guaranteed to make your omni (and vegan) friends jealous! Delicious desserts, entrees, appetizers, condiments, and professional techniques will be featured in this book slated for September 2017 release.

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