Free Presentations at Marlene’s

Some of you may remember the presentation that we put on last summer at Marlene’s Market and Deli in Tacoma called “The Power of Plant Based Eating.”  Guest speakers Dr. Joanne Kong and Paula Furner gave us an in depth look at the health and ethical factors that drive the plant-based movement.

We are happy to announce that we are continuing this series of presentations throughout 2017.  Many of our fundraisers thus far have been fun events that focused on raising funds and strengthening the local vegan (and vegan-curious) community.  We are also committed to furthering our grander mission of improving the welfare of animals, people, and the planet.  These presentations are geared towards that mission.  They are free to attend!  We will have an information table where donations will be accepted for Cupid’s Landing.  See the presentation schedule below for dates, and check back for more info.  Our first presentation of the year is coming up soon – don’t miss it!  Come by to learn valuable information on how to make a positive change, and support our project!


Paula Furner

Our presenter, Paula Furner is an author, researcher and educator. She writes a blog ( to share her research discoveries about the benefits of a plant based diet. Her blog emphasizes scientific studies that demonstrate dramatic increases in health through a plant based diet. She also shares findings on the detrimental impact that the meat and dairy industry have on the environment, as well as advice on transitioning to plant based eating. Paula gives presentations throughout the Puget Sound area on these topics. She has been certified by Rouxbe Cooking School as a Plant Based Chef. Paula is an alumni of University of Washington, where she graduated magna cum laude with a degree in English Literature. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Daughters of the American Revolution, the National Genealogical Society and the LDS Church.

FRIDAY, MARCH 31ST, 4PM – 6PM: Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet: Nuts and Bolts of Making the Change.  In this presentation, Paula will offer how-to advice about transitioning to a plant based diet.  Covering menu ideas, substitutions, recipe sources, supplements, and health benefits, she will give you everything you need to ensure that the diet is as nutritious and beneficial as possible.   Also attending this event will be Anthony Creighton, vegan fitness trainer and owner of OG Muscle. Anthony will be at our info table with details about his fitness and personal training programs geared towards helping individuals transition to a healthy plant based lifestyle.  Location:  Marlene’s in Tacoma, 2951 S. 38th St.Tacoma, WA 98409.

THURSDAY, JUNE 15TH, 6:30PM: Arresting the Killers: Avoiding 5 Top Killer Diseases with a Plant Based Diet.  An expansion on the presentation given last year, Paula will discuss five of the top ten killer diseases in America – heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and influenza – and how a plant based diet can avert or cure them.   She will also touch on how factory farms create and spread disease.  Location:  Marlene’s in Federal Way, 2565 S. Gateway Center Place Federal Way, WA 98003.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23RD, 1PM-3PM: A Sustainable Diet: How a Plant Based Diet Can Save Our Environment.  In this presentation, Paula will cover the environmental impacts of the meat and dairy industries, including deforestation, decimation of whole eco-systems and the consequent mass extinction of animals, water pollution, global warming, and the spread of disease caused by factory farms.   Location: Marlene’s in Federal Way.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17TH, 12PM-2PM:  The Greatest Gift to Give: Offering Health and a Sustainable Future to Your Loved Ones Through a Plant Based Diet.  This presentation will combine topics of the health and environmental impacts of a plant based diet, and how this creates a healthier and more sustainable future for the world.  Location: Marlene’s in Tacoma.