Win a Date to Prom with Wayward Vegan Cafe Co-Owner, Doh Driver!


You’ve heard about our contest to hook one lucky winner up with VIP tickets to prom and a date with Ben Nichols, head chef at Viva Tacoma – Vegan Cuisine.  Now, your opportunities broaden with a chance to win the same deal, only this time with Doh Driver, co-owner of Wayward Vegan Cafe in Seattle!  Folks of all genders, don’t miss your opportunity to score a VIP date with this vegan icon!  Wayward Vegan Cafe is an all vegan restaurant serving “veganized American diner style food.”  With their extensive menu full of comfort food at its finest, this is the vegan restaurant you can bring your non-vegan friends to!  It is easily one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Seattle.

Doh is 47 years old, precisely 5’3”, and has been vegan for 15 years. Along with co-owning Wayward, you might also recognize her from her 5 years managing Vegan Haven.  Born in the midwest and raised in Florida, Doh never felt at home until she arrived in Seattle almost 13 years ago. She has a nearly-adult son (vegan for life!) and 2 companion cats, Rupert and Misha M’koo, who are each one bad habit shy of being perfect. Doh enjoys babysitting nephews, including her nephew-dog, Solo, and also likes to foster kittens. She suspects free kitten-cuddles are the main reason her friends like her, but you can find out for yourself how fun she is in real life!

How to enter:  Email (or send us a facebook message) stating, “Take me to vegan prom with Doh!” After you enter, every time you like, share, or comment on any of our facebook posts between March 5th and March 19th it will count as an extra entry.   Enter as many times as possible to increase your chances of winning!  The winner will be drawn at random.

What you get: The winner will receive a free VIP ticket to Cupid’s Vegan Prom with Doh as your date.  Being VIP means that you and Doh will be able to skip the line at the front door, you’ll have access to an exclusive VIP-only balcony area with special vegan treats, free corsage and boutonniere, and vegan swag bags to go home!  BONUS – the winner of this contest will also receive a gift certificate to Wayward Vegan Cafe!

*This contest is open to all contestants of any gender.  Commenting on one post multiple times will count as one entry.  Sharing one post multiple times will count as one entry per share, so share away!

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