CL Partners with Chicken Rescue


Cupid’s Landing is excited to announce a partnership with a local microsanctuary called Sky’s The Limit!  Sky’s The Limit is the startup of a chicken rescue located on Fox Island in Washington state.  While they are still in the very beginning stages of getting their rescue business going, they have already accomplished so much.  They currently have 13 chickens and one rooster that they have rescued from various situations.  Most of them were living lives of abuse and exploitation, and many would not be alive today if Sky’s The Limit hadn’t stepped in and rescued them.  We encourage you to visit their website and support them if you can!


We are excited about this partnership for several reasons.  The most obvious reason is that what we are doing is all in the name of saving innocent lives from an awful fate, and providing them with lifelong care and compassion.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to support another local startup working in same field as Cupid’s Landing.  Cupid’s Landing does not own any land yet, and therefore we have not had the  ability to actually rescue any animals thus far.  Partnering with Sky’s The Limit is giving us the opportunity to start making an impact right now on individual lives.  Our goal in supporting their efforts is to enable them to rescue more chickens than they would have been able to without our help.


So how are we helping?  Starting with our pie baking contest on November 6th, we will begin donating a portion of the funds raised to Sky’s The Limit.  A percentage of online ticket sales for the pie contest will be donated directly to the sanctuary.  These donations help with medical care, housing, and building/expanding the rescue.  So let’s clarify this for a minute – if you purchase tickets to our pie baking contest online, you get to taste a multitude of vegan pies (savory and sweet), vote on your favorite, and support rescued chickens!  What are you waiting for?!


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