Garage Sale Wrap Up

This past weekend we held our 3rd annual Garage Sale and Free Vegan BBQ.  This event has always been incredibly fun, uplifting, and exhausting, and this year was no different!  We are so moved by the level of support we receive at these events.  Meeting new people, talking about Cupid’s Landing, and getting excited for the future – this is what it’s all about.  We met some incredible people doing incredible things – a woman who has dedicated her life to helping others quit smoking; a mother who eats meat but is supportive of her 5 year old’s vegetarian ideals (and learning more herself!); volunteers who devote their free time to activism; a child buying toys for another child he had only just met.  We had countless inspiring conversations – introducing others to the idea of veganism for the very first time; convincing skeptics to try vegan burgers (and they loved it!); stories of personal connections with animals; sharing the vision of Cupid’s Landing; feeding hungry passersby who weren’t sure where their next meal was coming from.  This is all the inspiration we need to know that our visions for Cupid’s Landing are real, plausible, and met with positivity.  THANK YOU to everyone who visited, said hello, and donated!

This is our largest fundraiser of the year.  Over the course of two days we raised $2,312.73.  This money was raised by selling donated goods on a “name your own price” basis, along with stand-alone donations.  All funds raised are going towards the startup of a farm animal sanctuary and community support center.  What we LOVE the most about this event is how the generosity of some enables others to have what they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise.  One person donating $100 without purchasing anything enables another to purchase a bike and two boxes of clothes for $1.  Another person donating $50 for only two books enables a man with no shoes to buy sneakers and two shirts for $1, or a group of children to each purchase a toy for one penny.   And none of this would be possible at all if it were not for the generosity of those who donated AMAZING items to our sale.  And let’s not forget the generosity of Tofurky, Field Roast, Follow Your Heart, Terra Organics, Franz Bakery, and Zevia who donated food and drinks, enabling us to give it away for free.   This year, we added a popup plant based food bank and gave away nonperishable foods free to anyone, no questions asked.  This not only provided food to those on a low income, it also encouraged people who are not vegan to give it a try.  Once again, this would not be possible without the generosity of everyone who donated food to the popup food bank.  The food that did not get taken will be donated to a local food bank.  The repeated generosity of the People’s Community Center allows us to do all of this without worrying about overhead costs. 

Lastly, we must mention how grateful we are for our dedicated volunteers.   This event is exhausting – three 12 – 14 hour days.  Loading and unloading the U-Haul the day before the event, unloading everything from the community center both mornings, staying for the bulk or all of the sale, assisting with food orders at the BBQ, reloading everything at the end of both days, and unloading yet again when it’s all said and done…we could not ask for more effort and dedication from our volunteers.  This is another incredible source of inspiration for us.  Community members coming together from a place of compassion to offer a service to the rest of the community – this is the model for Cupid’s Landing’s big vision, and THIS is how we bring the general public into the world of animal welfare, introducing them to these ideas with a sense of welcoming and love, removing aggression and hostility.  If you’re interested in becoming a bigger part of our amazing team by volunteering at any of our events, please contact us or fill out our volunteer application.  Our next big event is our Vegan Wine and Cheese Tasting!  We need lots of volunteers for that one!

Cheers to you, friends!  Here are some photos from the weekend: