$25,000 Goal Met!

Today we hit a milestone in Cupid’s Landing’s history – we have officially reached our $25,000 structure building goal!  Words cannot express how grateful, full of joy, and excited for the future we are.  The level of support we receive from our community is incredible.  We could not achieve the things we have achieved without you. 

This goal was established in May of last year.  After one year of operating this fundraising project and visiting/working with sanctuaries in the area, we collected everything we had learned and our visions for the future to come up with a realistic and tangible plan.  We wanted a plan that not only kept us on track, but also something that we could share with you to help you understand what we’re working towards, and track our progress.  

The $25,000 structure building goal is a part of a larger $80,000 goal for funds raised by the time we purchase land, which we will begin searching for in January 2020 (you can read more about the full plan in action here.)  While putting together this goal, we reached out to and/or visited several operating sanctuaries including One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary, Best Friends Animal Society, Wildwood Farm Sanctuary, Green Acres Farm Sanctuary, and several others.  We asked them to share their startup stories with us.  What we learned was how amazingly different everyone’s stories are!  Everybody came to this beautiful way of life differently, and with different resources along the way.  So, we took what we could from their stories to help us come up with the most educated and realistic estimate for things like building structures, a year’s worth of animal care, and other startup costs. 

Exactly what we will need for building structures depends entirely on what opportunities are available when we begin looking for land.  The land we purchase may already have usable structures, or maybe it will have none.  It may have structures that we’ll need to tear down or repair.  Regardless, we know we will have to build in the beginning and throughout the lifetime of the organization.  We’ll be building things like barns, chicken coops, pens, enclosures, quarantine areas, medical/rehab areas, and more.  Once the animal sanctuary situation is underway, we will begin working towards building community functions on the property.  For now, this money is sitting in a savings account.  Some of it is used to pay for future fundraisers, which in turn generates more funds for startup costs.  

We are so grateful to be surrounded by this wonderful community of support!  It brings tears to my eyes – thinking about this time two years ago when I finally began making this vision a reality, and struggled to comprehend the level support I would need to get there.  And now here we are, with one giant fundraising milestone in the bucket.  Cheers my friends, and thank you for being a part of this journey!