2017 Year End Wrap Up

It’s hard to believe that it’s been one full year since we wrote our previous year-end wrap up post.  Last year was our “baby year” – the year it all began, when everything we did was brand new and a huge learning experience.  This year, we are still new – learning, progressing, and pushing forward – but we have a much stronger sense of foundation, goals, support, and forward motion.  We have a better grip on the realities of our vision and how to achieve it.  In 2017, we established new community engaging outreach and fundraising events, as well as holding second annuals of some of last year’s events.  We solidified our Board of Directors, as well as a business plan.  We put the pedal to the metal in our action – interning and volunteering at other sanctuaries and animal welfare organizations as well as beginning our studies at the University of Washington for Fundraising and Non-profit Management.  Our biggest and proudest accomplishment though, is revamping our plan, reducing the original 10 year plan to a more tangible and realistic 3 – 5 year plan – the Landing is just on the horizon!  To recap our highlights from the year:

In January and February we connected with local vegan businesses who generously donated to Cupid’s Landing, including Drizzle and Shine and Veggie Grill.

In March, we began our year long series of free presentations on the benefits of a plant based diet. Thanks to our guest speaker, Paula Furner, and Marlene’s Market and Deli for giving us an opportunity to bring invaluable educational information to our community.  Also in March, Mae began her internship at One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary in Silverdale, WA, where she and David are still currently volunteering.

In April, we celebrated our 1st birthday since incorporating as a non-profit organization by holding our first annual Vegan Prom.  Plans for next year’s prom are already in the works! Also in April, we began the very first stages of scoping out land options.

In May, we established our new plan – a 3 – 5 year fundraising plan for startup costs, while David and Mae are diligently saving money for a down payment on the land Cupid’s Landing will soon call home.

In June, we brought the new documentary What the Health to the Grand Cinema in Tacoma.  We partnered with Happy Belly  – a local vegan friendly juice bar and restaurant – for an exclusive pre-movie dinner for guests attending the showing.  Thank you Happy Belly!  Also in June, board member Anthony Creighton began his Boot Camp/Group Fit Classes, as he donates a portion of the proceeds from each week to Cupid’s Landing.

In July, we held our second annual Garage Sale and Free Vegan BBQ.  Thanks to the People’s Community Center, Field Roast, Tofurky, Terra Organics, Franz Bakery, and everyone who donated items to the sale, we had an incredibly successful two day event, and nearly tripled our funds raised from last year.

In August, we partnered with Laughing Dog Kitchen for another free vegan BBQ in Bremerton, bringing us to Kitsap County for the first time.

In September, David and Mae began classes at the University of Washington for a Fundraising Management certificate program.

In October, we held our second annual Vegan Wine and Cheese Tasting.  Thanks to the People’s Community Center, Follow Your Heart, Cobb’s, NuCulture FoodsMiyoko’s, Kite Hill, Chao, Punk Rawk Labs, Klickitat Canyon Winery, Domaine Pouillon, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Canoe Ridge Vineyard, and all of the volunteers who stepped up to make it happen!

And here we are now ready to face a new set of goals and exciting plans for next year.  We are so proud of how far we have come and our goals, and we are honored to have you in our support system.  We know it can be difficult to look into the future to see the fruits of our labor and your support, and because of that we value each and every individual person, business, and organization that has joined us as we push forward and prepare for a safe haven and sanctuary for our furry, feathered, four legged, hoofed, and claw-toed fellow earthlings.  These non-human individuals will serve as ambassadors for the billions of less fortunate individuals that are held captive, tortured, and slaughtered everyday for human pleasure and consumption.  You are paving the way for us, and them.  YOU are making this happen.  At the end of last year, we decided to set a $10,000 goal for funds raised in 2017.  We surpassed that goal, and raised the bar with the onset of our new plan.  In order to remain on target with our 3 – 5 year fundraising plan, we need to have between $16,000 and $26,000 in total assets by the end of this year.  We currently have $18,285.  Words cannot express how grateful and fortunate we feel to have achieved this goal, beyond what we thought was possible this time last year.  You all are incredible, and you inspire us everyday to keep pushing, keep our eyes on the prize, and never forget the power of community.  It’s not too late to donate for this year, and bring us closer to the higher end of our goal!

Some of our biggest goals for 2018 include revamping our website (currently in progress – excuse our appearance!), bringing a new and VERY exciting vegan outreach event to our community, and increasing our involvement in existing animal welfare/rescue/activism projects.  While we are currently involved with other animal welfare organizations, we recognize that many of our events are fun food related events.  We consider these types of events to be invaluable in making veganism more mainstream and accessible.  That being said, we are in this for the animals, and until we have the means to rescue and provide sanctuary ourselves, we are committed to supporting and enabling new and existing projects in any way that we can.

Thank you, friends!  May you all feel the love and support that we do in the upcoming  year.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Cupid’s Landing Team