The Search for Land

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The next major step for Cupid’s Landing is on the horizon – looking for land for our sanctuary!

In our first year, we started from nothing more than a spark of an idea, and progressed all the way to a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a formal board of directors, and have raised thousands of dollars.  It’s been absolutely incredible, humbling, thrilling – more than we could have imagined in one year.  Now, it’s time to step it up to the next level.

In the beginning, when Cupid’s Landing was barely more than a “pie in the sky” dream for Mae, the first step was to come up with a plan – any plan to get the ball rolling.  Mae started writing things down on paper, and came up with a ten year plan to fundraise and purchase land to build a farm animal rescue and cooperative community.  We are happy to say that with the incredible success of our first year, we know that this will actually happen in less than ten years.

One of the interesting things about Cupid’s Landing that stands us apart from other farm animal sanctuary organizations is that we are coming at this thing sort of backwards.  Most farm sanctuaries start when somebody already has land and some sort of funding, whether it be their own fortunate paycheck or another source.  They happen upon the opportunity to rescue an animal, and then think, “Gee, this is pretty great!  Let’s rescue some more!”  And then before they know it (and with a responsible business plan in place) they are a full time nonprofit organization, and they are receiving donations to save more animals like the one that inspired them to start it all.  Well, we (the Cupid’s Landing team) are city dwellers, and our backyards are about the size of our living rooms.  We have this dream, this vision, something that we are 100% committed to and passionate about, but we aren’t able to truly begin within our current locations.  On one hand, this gives us an advantage – we are able to research, plan, educate ourselves, and begin raising money without the liabilities of property ownership and animals to care for.  On the other hand, it makes it difficult for us to get started.  It also makes it tricky for us to show you – our supporters – exactly what it is that we’re doing.  This makes your donations and support even more special to us, because we know you have as much faith in us as we do.

I am happy to tell you that we are stepping up our game by shifting gears slightly, and putting more focus on how we – the board members – can make this happen NOW, with everything that we’ve got on hand.  This means looking at land, researching grants, networking, and even picking up another paying job to further fund the project.

Mae and David strolling through the farmland

On Friday, April 14th, we took our first step in this direction by taking a trip to look at a physical piece of property.  The main purpose of this trip was to give us something to see, so that we can visualize exactly what 100 acres looks like, imagine the different possibilities for building structures, consider things like proximity to neighbors, water sources, land prices, zoning, and more.  The land we looked at was beautiful and perfect in every way.  We fantasized about where the volunteers will live, where the pigs will roll in mud, and our dogs running free on the farm.  It’s unfortunate that we’re not in a position to buy yet, but it gave us optimism and excitement about the possibilities that may come our way when we are ready.

We are so excited to watch ourselves grow and share this journey with you.  I would like to take a minute to ask you to think of us as you are out and about in your day – do you know of a great piece of land for sale?  Someone looking to donate land?  Grants for organizations like Cupid’s Landing?  A great resource for us to check out?  Are you a philanthropist looking to fund a project like ours?  We love to hear from the community!  Contact us with any suggestions, questions, words of advice, or even friendly hello’s.  Every bit of support keeps us going and means the world to us.  You can donate through our website, or send donations to: Cupid’s Landing, PO Box 9391, Tacoma, WA 98490.

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Thank you, friends!  Here are some pictures from our trip: