News and Upcoming Events

Mae, David, and Dominic at Drizzle and Shine

Lots of stuff to report on today!  First things first, THANK YOU to Jean and the crew at Drizzle and Shine for supporting us throughout the month of January!  They donated a portion of the entire month’s worth of sales to us.  On Sunday, January 29th, they donated 10% of all sales, and invited us to the store for a meet and greet with the public.  Thank you to everyone who stopped in and said hi, and thank you to everyone who donated and supported us!  We appreciate you.

Next up on the event roster is lunch at Veggie Grill!  On Wednesday, February 26th, 33% of all sales between 11am and 4pm will be donated to Cupid’s Landing.  This fundraiser is at the South Lake Union location in Seattle only  (446 Terry Ave North Seattle, WA 98109).  Veggie Grill is an all vegan American-style restaurant.  They serve up some of the best vegan restaurant food you can find!  I always describe it as the vegan restaurant you can bring your non-vegan friends to.

This next announcement is one that we are super excited about!  This April will mark our our one year anniversary (our 1st birthday, so to speak.)  To celebrate, we will be hosting an adult vegan prom fundraiser in Seattle!  There will be dancing, photos, silent auction, delicious food, drinks, and more.  Save the date – April 26th.  Keep your eyes and ears open for Cupid’s Vegan Prom for more details!`