Welcoming Cupid’s Crew


On New Year’s Eve, Sky’s The Limit Sanctuary  welcomed Cupid’s Crew (aka the California Girls) to their home.  These are 12 rescued battery hens and 1 rooster that traveled all the way up from southern California to land safely on Fox Island here in Washington.  You can read the original story here.

Little Red Bird Animal Sanctuary reached out to Sky’s The Limit after taking in over 400 of these beautiful girls in the hopes that Sky’s would be able to place some of them.  Sky’s agreed to take 13.  In order to facilitate this, they had to build a new coop, and it was crunch time!  With very little time to gather funds, the folks at Sky’s The Limit reached out to Cupid’s Landing for help.  We funded the building of the coop (appropriately named “Cupid’s Coop”.)  Thanks to the generous supporters of both organizations, the coop was up in no time, and Sky’s The Limit could save their funds for the care of these animals in need.  They arrived a little later than we expected, but the group of 18 month old ex-factory farm victims are able to mark 2017 as the year they began their long awaited peaceful and compassionate lives.

From start to finish, this project is a beautiful example of what can happen when like-minded compassionate people come together for a cause.  In a very short amount of time, a beautiful, sturdy chicken coop was built and painted, and it is now home to 13 individuals that needed to be rescued.  Along with rescuing farmed animals, Cupid’s Landing is committed to enabling members of the community to do great things, empowered by each other and the good causes we support.  If you ever start to think that your contributions – whether they are small or large – don’t make a difference; or that one person choosing not to consume animals won’t change anything, remember these 13 individual lives that are immensely and permanently impacted by our efforts.  To them, the difference is huge – it is life and death, and it is everything.  Thank you friends, for all of your help!   Even if all you do is follow this blog, you are amazing and we appreciate you.

The initial rescue effort in CA

The coop is built!

Thanks to these folks (and more!)

Their arrival on New Year’s Eve

Settling into their new home

Experiencing the good life!

Shannon Hill, found of Sky’s The Limit, caring for the rooster of the bunch