Sponsoring a Coop

As you’ve probably heard by now, Cupid’s Landing is partnering with a local chicken microsanctuary called Sky’s The Limit.  Over the weekend, Sky’s The Limit received a call for help from  Little Bird Animal Sanctuary in southern California.  They rescued 400 battery hens, and they need to find permanent homes for all of them.  Sky’s The Limit is taking 12 of these hens.  In order to do this, they need to build a new coop.  To help ensure that these hens get all of the care that they need, Cupid’s Landing is sponsoring the building of this coop!  We need your help to do this!

One of the 400 rescued hens

Battery cages are small, wire cages that egg-laying hens are housed in on factory farms.  They are extremely crammed and unsanitary.  The hens that live in them spend their entire lives in unhealthy, agonizing conditions, all in the name of pleasing humans’ palates for eggs.  The 12 hens that we are building a coop for have lived tortured lives so far, but they are incredibly lucky to end up at Sky’s The Limit.  Will you help us build a safe and comforting forever home for these girls?  To donate to this project, click here and type “Cupid’s Coop” in the special instructions box when prompted.

A big THANK YOU in advance from Cupid’s Landing, Sky’s The Limit, and all 12 of the sweet hens who will soon call Fox Island, Washington home.