April Cooking Demo – Bow Tie Pasta and Pesto


It is true what they say – many people become obsessed with cooking after they go vegan! I am no exception to this.  Those who know me know that cooking is one of my biggest hobbies.  I love experimenting in the kitchen and trying new things.  Inevitably, food frequently comes up in my conversations.  After awhile, many of my friends and acquaintances started telling me that I should host cooking demos.  So, about a year and a half ago, I did exactly that – I hosted free vegan cooking demos once a month in my home. They were a lot of fun, and quite popular.  After about six months or so, I had to take a break for awhile.  Now that the Cupid’s Landing project is getting on its feet, I decided to start the demos again, only this time they are fundraisers for the project!  Along with raising money, my goal with these demos is to keep them going and growing alongside the project itself, and eventually become one of the many wellness services that Cupid’s Landing has to offer.  The cooking demo held on April 10th, 2016 was the first official fundraiser for Cupid’s Landing.  I demonstrated how to make bow tie pasta from scratch, as well as homemade pesto.


I’d like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who attended and donated!  I am super excited about the next demo.  On May 12th, I will be demoing THREE of my favorite homemade recipes!  The recipes shown will be celery seed and dill seed sauerkraut, aquafaba mayo, and my vegan tuna salad recipe, which incorporates the sauerkraut and the mayo.  That might all sound a little crazy to some, but it is one of my absolute favorite recipes to date!  If you are interested in attending, please contact me for more info.   If you cannot attend, don’t worry!  I will share the recipes in a later post after the demo takes place.  You may also donate here on the website at any time.

Special shoutout to my friend, Alexa Arnold for sharing her beautiful photography skills at the last demo.  Alexa is a Puyallup, WA based photographer, and she just so happens to also be vegan.  All of the photos in this post were taken by her.  Check out her business – Alexa Janell Photography .


Knead the dough (semolina flour and water)


Roll it out


Make frilly edges with a pastry wheel


Delicately handle the little squares (lots of flour!)


Pinch it to make a bow tie, using a drop of water to hold it together




Nothing beats the smell of fresh basil…


Cupid, working the crowd.